In a world where messages bombard us from dawn till dusk, learn how to create super-strength communications that break through the clutter and leave a lasting impact.

It starts with storytelling.

Done correctly, stories can increase loyalty, help us learn from each other and inspire change. But what makes a story powerful? And how can stories be told effectively?

Newsflash: It’s YOUR Story!

This engaging, creative keynote will explore how to find, create and share meaningful communication that keeps audiences coming back for more. With real-world tips, tricks and applicable takeaways – attendees walk away feeling empowered, inspired and better prepared to communicate from the heart.

From connecting with employees, to building your brand, to educating the masses -storytelling is an art form that won’t go out of style. Discover how to make it work for you!


Creative Inspiration
Personal Branding


Attendees will learn how to craft and share messages designed to meet the interests of their audience. Discover the magic of successful storytelling and learn how to make it work for you, your brand, your organization, or your next big event.