It starts with communication.

Connect with people, lead and inspire, combat change, enjoy the adventure. Through the power of storytelling, interpersonal communication and change management, Kim will empower audiences to step outside their comfort zone, turn risk into reward, and get results.

Kim offers keynotes and workshops to help any size team harness the power of communication to influence and inspire others. 


Maximum Impact Speaking

Leadership Communication/
Business Development

Master the art of public speaking through this engaging, fun and educational workshop. Hone the coveted skills needed to reduce anxiety, connect with audiences, influence and inspire.

Newsflash: It’s YOUR Story!

Creative Inspiration/
Personal Branding

Discover how to create super strength communications that leave a lasting impact. Through the art of storytelling, you can increase awareness, advocacy, and loyalty for yourself, organization, or brand.



Change Management

In a world of change, learn to navigate new roads, find opportunities for growth and transform your future. Kim’s 3-2-1 method will show you how.

Hello in There

Business Communication/
Personal Development

Kim explains how a simple decision can help you build a network, improve your leadership skills and chart a path to success. Change your outlook, and change your world…for the better.