Life is a mystery. At times, it’s unclear where to turn. Changes in our work or personal life can be unsettling, cause confusion or take a toll on self-worth. And change it seems…isn’t slowing down. So how do we manage it? How do we make it work for us, our lives, our needs?

As Kim explains, we have a choice. During times of trial, come great opportunities for growth. The decision is yours. Keep traveling the new road. Or, make a U-Turn.

Recalculating will show you how:

  • To address and navigate uncertainty.
  • Identify opportunities for personal advancement.
  • To transform life challenges into life changing opportunities with a 3-2- 1 method for past, present and future circumstances.


Change Management


Better decisions, satisfying results and a happier YOU. Walk away feeling motivated, with tips to tackle the path ahead. Kim will demonstrate how to find joy in the journey.