Tall Girl Appreciation Day - Views from "The Top"

In honor of #TallGirlAppreciationDay (January 4, 2016)… I was a shy kid.  Never spoke much in school.  But by sixth grade, I had a major growth spurt.  With each inch I grew, my confidence began to shine more and more. I eventually broke out of my shell.  Sure, I was taller than practically everyone in my class…but made the decision to hold my head high, (and take short dates to school dances).

After all, there isn’t much a tall girl can do to change it.

Through the years, I’ve noticed being tall comes with unique circumstances.  So, I’ve compiled them here to provide insight and perspective for anyone wondering what it’s like to step into these size 11 shoes.


Being tall means having ADVANTAGES:

  • The best view at a parade
  • Fresh air in a crowded room.
  • Items are in reach...even on the top shelf.
  • You’re easily found.
  • Inherent punctuality (your long stride gets you places on time).

Being tall means being ADAPTABLE:

  • Rocking long sleeve shirts as quarter length instead.
  • Sporting pants as capris.
  • Straining to hear conversations taking place at or below your shoulders in a crowded room.

Being tall means staying STRONG:

  • Smiling with confidence when somebody stares.
  • Having a witty response when you’re asked if you play basketball for the millionth time…and another witty response when people are disappointed you don’t play.
  • Standing up straight despite being a foot taller than guys and girls.
  • Holding your head high when you’re sent to the back of a group picture.

Being tall means ignoring the OBVIOUS:

  • “Gosh you’re SO tall!”…you think?
  • “You make me feel short.”   Mind blown.
  • “You’re BIG!” If big means big hearted, then yes…I’m big.

Being tall means THIS:

  • Grace
  • Power
  • Visibility
  • Beauty

To my fellow long-legged friends, I applaud you for being YOU.  And, to everyone--own your differences, because the world would be pretty boring if we were all the same.  Enjoy everything you are.  Inside and Out.


#January 4